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Testimonials from Cougar's students, fans and friends

07/08/2008 ~ To Anyone considering taking a class with Dale "Cougar" Armstrong;

Don't hesitate, Dale is an awesoome teacher!
Sonja Kiser - Grahn, KY - Click here for more.

03/16/2008 ~ Thank you!

I enjoyed your class at Bella Beads in Huntsville, Alabama on Sunday so much
BJ - Decatur, AL - Click here for more.

03/02/2008 ~ Comments

I had a blast in your class . . .
Janet Nordfors - Bangor, ME - Click here for more.

02/27/2008 ~ Comments

Phyllis Shea - Bangor, ME - Click here for more.

06/29/2006 ~ A Letter to the Artist Within

To all those who are "thinking" of taking classes with Cougar
Dottie Arnao - Roebling, NJ - Click here for more.

06/20/2006 ~ Recomendation Letter

Thinking of taking a class with Dale? don't just think about it - do it!
Donna Zimmer - Lewisburg, Tn - Click here for more.

10/11/2005 ~ Comments

. . . all I can say is Wow!
Sharon Walton - Wyckoff, NJ - Click here for more.

06/16/2005 ~ For someone seeking to find and learn from a "master" or "mistress" of the art form of wirework, my choice would have to be Dale 'Cougar' Armstrong.

To Whom It May Concern:
Mary W. Bailey - Nashville, TN - Click here for more.

03/18/2002 ~ Comments

Dale, you are the most incredible artist, teacher, mentor and creative mind I have worked with . . .
Gretta Van Someren - Menasha, WI - Click here for more.

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