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Title image for the Wire Jewelry Supplies at Cougar's CreationsWire Jewelry Supplies at Cougar's Creations

3-Step Square Pliers - tips are 3x2mm, steps are 5mm, 4mm, and 2mm across inside, working jaw is 21mm long, overall length 15cm or 6", ~ Click here for details.

Chain Nose Pliers- The jaws of these pliers are designed with a blunt tip to make pulling the square top wire of a cabochon frame onto the stone easy! ~ Click here for details.

Round Nose Pliers - Having no sharp tip, these pliers are great for working with tiny details on projects such as rings. ~ Click here for details.

Flat Nose Pliers:Traditional Wire artists rejoice! The tip of this pliers' jaw is designed for making wrap wire end hooks in the right size for 22 and 24 gauge wires, simply move further up the jaw to handle larger wire gauges. ~ Click here for details.

This innovative Pin Vise is a joy to use due to its PVC Grip! ~ Click here for details.

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