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"Cougar's Choice" Sliding Pin Vise, Exclusively Sold by Bead-Therapy

This innovative Pin Vise is a joy to use due to its PVC Grip!

Details- steel construction with comfortable non-slip PVC grip: overall length 4.5 inches or 11.5cm, removable head for use in a power drill.

Price $18.95 each including shipping to USA & Canada. (For international orders please email for details).

Features- Will twist a single piece of square wire from 24 gauge through 16 gauge. To twist, simply slide 3mm end of wire into the center cross opening and slide the nut up with your thumb to lock the wire in. Hold the other end of the wire with flat nose pliers and use the grip handle to twist the vise in a clockwise motion. To release the wire use your thumb to slide the nut down. For long segments of wire, unscrew the vise head and place it into the chuck of a power drill.



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