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Recomendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

About five years ago I started doing beaded jewelry. I wanted to learn how to do wire jewelry but had no idea where to start. While at a bead show, I came across a booth that was taking sign-ups for a wire bracelet class. I signed up for the class and it was the best thing I could have done.

Dale Armstrong was the teacher of the class which turned into a series of beginner classes that taught me all of the basics for wire wrapping. During each class, Dale relayed information about supply sources and was there to help each one of us with any problems we were having with the projects. She encouraged us to create in our own ways. It was amazing to see all of the different designs from each person in the classes.

After the beginner/basics class we had the opportunity to advance into the intermediate/advances classes that Dale also taught. She encouraged each one of us to develop our own styles.

She is not only my teacher, mentor and friend, she is also an incredible artist. She is always there to help me through any situation that arises. Dale has so much experience with all avenues of the business and shares her insight and experience openly.

I would encourage anyone interested in working with wire to contact Dale. She will help you to unlock your creativity and also help you to make jewelry you never thought possible.

Donna Zimmer

Lewisburg, Tn

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