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A Letter to the Artist Within

To the Artist Within:

Dale has been apart of my “wire life” since we first meet when she was co-teaching with another instructor. A few of us were “novice wire workers”, and Dale took us under her “wing” after class to help us refine our skills. (It’s amazing how you can make a makeshift classroom out of a hotel room.) She has been a great inspiration to us. From that one night, two of her “novice wire workers” became published wire artists. One has gone on to publish her own wire book. Three have their own websites. That was six years ago (2000).

Since that time, my wire skills have improved and branched out to various techniques. For years, Dale has been trying to get me to “think out of the box” and to stretch my imagination and creativity. I know I can, but it takes a great deal of effort and a lot of teeth clenching, (along with numerous facial expressions). She also told me that it’s all about “components”. “You know them, now just use them." Well that was easy for her to say. It took awhile for the “light bulb” to go on but it did. I was miles away from Dale when it happened. Since that time, I now look at jewelry designs in a “new light”. Every once in awhile, I journey out of “my box” and create something with my “components”. It’s much easier than I thought, and I thank Dale for making it happen even though it took longer than she expected.

On my “wire journey”, I have had the privilege to help Dale with many of her classes at the Lapidary Journal's Jewelry Arts Expo in Philadelphia. This summer (2006), I will help her at the Wire Jewelry Fest, a special event sponsored by Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine. It’s quite an honor to be known as one of Dale’s assistants. When I assist at her classes, I always come home with more “wire creativity” than I started with, as Dale is brimming with pride and joy to share her knowledge with all of her students. She is willing to share her expertise on techniques/skills with the novice student all the way up to the designer student. If you have the opportunity, take a class with Dale. Your personal wire skills will change and a new artist within you will blossom.

Wire Artist

Dottie Arnao

Roebling, NJ

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