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Class: Champagne for Your Arm! 1:00pm

11/19/2022 - Chattanooga, TN

Class: Champagne for Your Arm! 1:00pm

Just in time for the holidays, each student will enjoy learning

how to shape, chase, and then texture heavy gauge wire into a fascinating shape. Next will come discovering how to adorn their shape with crystal beads, resembling bubbles floating through a glass of sparkling champagne! Each bracelet will be made to be adjustable so it can be worn anyplace on an arm. The techniques taught can be used to create a wide variety of accessory pieces that will be shown during class.

Your instructor will provide complete tool kits for use while in class and you will receive written follow-up hand-outs to take home. Please Bring: notebook, pen/pencil, digital or cell phone camera (no flash please), magnifying eyewear if needed, and a bottled beverage.

Follow the link below to register! (Located just off Shallowford Road off I-75)



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